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Mileage High Club


To ensure uninterrupted delivery of your monthly copy of The Rundown, please remember the following: Annual Memberships end on the last day of December each year.  If you are due for a renewal you will need to fill out a complete renewal form and list all current information.  Please do not write "same as last year."  Make sure to send all written membership matters to The Adirondack Runners, PO Box 2245, Glens Falls, NY  12801.
Do not rely on handing a membership form to someone you know in the club for delivery to the Membership Chairperson or merely telling someone you are renewing and handing them a check to be delivered to the club.  The Adirondack Runners cannot be responsible for loss of membership forms or checks not sent directly to the club's official address.  When filling out a membership application, renewal, or information change, please PRINT all letters and numbers clearly to assure that the information will be entered correctly into our database.  If your address changes, contact the Membership Chairperson as soon as possible.

Please contact the Membership Chairperson if you need information or have questions regarding your membership in The Adirondack Runners.
Cathy Biss, Membership Chairperson


To participate in the Mileage High Club, applications must be received no later than MAY 1st 

  1. Click on files below to download current Mileage High Application and mail to address on application or email the requested info to:
  2. Keep track of your miles using the Mileage High Workbook or the tracking tool of your choice.
  3. Email/Mail your quarterly results.
  4. Go RUN and HAVE FUN!

                2019 Mileage High Application